A Recipe to Respect

          Our blog is soon to be full of thoughts on the way we live, naturally, with gratitude and love. 
          Our ideas stem from experiences, and we focus on topics like: Living the Continuum Concept in modern times, Pure Parenting, Unconditionality, Life Learning, ECing, Baby Led Weaning and Breastfeeding on Demand, Peaceful Pregnancies, Natural Home-Water and Lotus Birth, Co-Sleeping, Co-Operation, Tvless, Five Element and Yin Yang Theories, Awareness & Intuitive Living, and what we call Flexitarianism.  

          We’re a young, conscious couple (spiritually, thoughfully, respectively, ecologically, etc…) with a daughter born in September 2009. We are sharing our stories and opinions, connecting with people like us, and creating ourselves throughout the process. 

          We are slowly starting up our blog, but are so excited to finally have people to share ourselves with wholly. 
          Please come by, and then come back again, as you’ll probably notice the current lack of content.  We  will be posting more soon as the ideas are really flowing. If you have suggestions on what you’d like here about most, or just comments, please drop a line, or more! 
          There will soon be some heart felt, true to us stories about our experiences with, and, opinions on: parenting – like the ways listed above and others like tandem nursing, nudity, napping, using limited equipment-especially with babies, and especially plastic -being the parent you are in public and with family- openly and confidently -,  being you with family and friends in general, spiritualtiy and religion, dreams and states of consciousness, sex and sex energy, natural pregnancy and birth, organic-balanced and intuitive nutrition (including recipes), taking big turns in our lives,  books and theories we agree and disagree with, meditation and living mindfully, Chinese theoretical approaches to life, precious to us products-places-technology-music-remedies and more,  being eco-conscious for the big picture by living on a small scale (hobby-farming, CSA, gardening, composting, making your own food as much as possible, loving that less really is more, our going garbageless goal), community involvement and interdependency, whole life living and the big leaps (radical unschooling & working from home), pet stuff, sickness and wellness-connecting the two- and approaching them in everyday life, and obviously anything else we come out with. 
          Look for a bunch of blog series’ where we post our logged experiences such as: What happened physically, mentally and spiritually when we turned off the Tv for good-spoiler, it was phenomenal! and Stopping Sweets, My Treat?: A Laborious Log of Lickable Lent- about a sugar addicts trials and errors adapting to the new diet, purchasing, and cooking methods. But the best part? We discovered and fully embraced how to use honey, agar, agave and maple syrup mostly to our immense advantage and satisfaction, not addictively. So, unnatural and sugary sugar treats  have been eliminated after all these tiring years…


Beautiful Books: A Bilbliography To Believe In

This is a list of books that have truly influenced our lives. There are links on the Loving Links page that have much to do with these books, and are sometimes based on them or are the author(s)’ site.
Descriptions, authors(s)’ names/book titles, and reviews will soon be posted.

Almost anything by: John Holt, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Ina May Gaskin, Don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra

Books (also in no particular order):

The Continuum Concept


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No Contest
Unconditional Parenting
Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
The Plug-In Drug
Lotus Birth
Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene
Adventures in Tandem Nursing
Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves
The Self Respecting Child
Life Learning: Lessons From the Educational Frontier