Handmade Eco ECing Heaven

Not this mama, but this mama’s mamas have crocheted, upcycled and tailored some beautiful, practical and artistic articles of clothing for the littlest family member, the only grandchild so far.

What a great life learning opportunity for illuminating sage if she so chooses, not only are both Grandma’s living close by, half an hour give and take, but they are still learning new things, practical and fun things that she can learn from them, and more likely, with them.

A couple of months ago illuminating sage stopped wearing “diaper shirts”, or rather we stopped dressing her in them. We used them for light coverage as mock nighties in the early winter months last year, but they just don’t cut is it as actual wardrobe pieces anymore. They are usually a better price to buy new, (and organic-sustainable-fair-trade etc…) and there are a lot more options to choose from out there, compared to other shirt styles, so they make sense to buy in the first place. But ever since she does more than simply lay and roll, since she’s really been on the move, they just seem to get in the way. they take too long or it’s just an awkward position for us to snap back on again and again and again, plus if they get wet from a miss if you’re ECing, you have to change the whole shebang, or they just dangle there, aesthetically unpleasing, and perhaps a little bit annoying to her?…who knows for sure. So we kindly approached my busy bee of a mother who got around to it just now, but worth it none the less, to cutting off the snaps, hemming the shirts, and making some sweet new tops for the babe.

This can be done even if you do use the diaper shirts, and especially if you’re baby is long like ours and outrgrows the crotch area quickly. You simply wait until it is too tight in the groin and voila! Extended life of a perfectly good shirt. We’ve also cut up old clothes, and stained ones are my favourite to use (you really feel like you’re working for a good cause here when the item of clothing would otherwise be a rag) to make embelishments and personalize whatever clothes you want.

Another EC inspired idea was to turn over her pants at the top, suited to her measurements now and for the near future when they should reasonably still fit. Decide on how long they should fit based on the pant-short or capri leg length, and how much room you have to work with at the waist. The reason we went to the trouble of tailoring bottoms is because there is so much extra slack in them for diapers and they look uncomfortable a lot of the time, and/or because she wears them so low (1.5-2 inches below BB) and so the material will drag on the floor, and if you wait ’tillI they don’t then the waist band is too tight, and hemming the bottom means the garment won’t last as long as it reasonably could. Basically the sizes are incorrect, she’s always in between because she isn’t wearing a diaper (details of our ECing style to come in other posts). If you like the end result, keep it for your next or give it away, OR do what we did and make shorts when you need less pants, they can double as extra soakers/underwear covers too!

Taking it a step further, when appropriate, change the elastic waist band to a really strechy one-size kind, or a different size, or replace it with a draw string. The possibilities are awesome, just like the results.

Here’s a tailor made tunic dress she sewed down from a second hand adult sized shirt, and then created some fun felt flowers and a shrug to match.

The MamaRoo Split-Crotch Pants are already so adaptable that none of this has been necessary, but you can’t ALWAYS go crotchless.

My newest mom, jubilant sage’s mother, she spends hours on these, and about 36 passively on a roadtrip doing this pretty piece in particular:

She learned how to crochet so she could create these for her grandaughter, and learned it all on youtube no less. This dress was actually done without a pattern, how amazing is that?

Some of her earlier pieces are heartfelt works as well, and they are always complimented and adored, justifiably so. Also, all EC friendly and super durable. And Eco conscious too, made of mixes of materials like wool, bamboo and organic cotton, with veggie and soy dyes. Can’t wait for more! Some coming our way in adult sizes soon, Whoohoo!