Anonymously About Us

      The Sage Saga So Far

     We are a young couple with a daughter born in September 2009 who have so far seemingly led very different lives from the people around  us. 

     We noticed our differences a few years ago when our health and wellness habits improved, and things took off for us from there. From sentientsage in the complimentary/preventative health field, to our buying habits decreasing in general, to living minimalistically in our own sense (our modest attempt in a modern world), to hopping on the eco-conscious train, we were well on our way to grasping the concept of “being your true self”, or so we thought.  
We were introduced to ‘Inner Journey’, a way to open up to yourself and the world with awareness, love and gratitude, very much along the lines of Eckhart Tolle’s’ ‘Power of Now’ and the concepts Osho and many others have presented to us.  We met many inspiring people, and are now inspired by most. 
     Our lives then took a turn again when our daughter, illuminatingsage, made her presence known to us. If you have children you know, this is what changes your life most. Before and since she was born we read a lot, talked a lot, thought alot, and learned to think much less.  We knew what we wanted and found it, found whatever we’ve been open to anywhere and everywhere. These thought- and thoughtless- or rather action packed-  creations have been from the heart and we know when we are being   “who we are”  as Neale Donald Walsch would put it, when we are most joyous, actually when we are most anything, passionately-truly whatever we feel and don’t feel.  

     We’ve started this blog, and don’t plan on stopping, because we recognize the creative power of word, because we are connecting with like-minded people by sharing our thoughts and stories, and  encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones to enable personal growth and self discovery. We believe that by breaking your box, your internal recordings, you can be who you are, you can be love and joy in a world that may not seem to support you.
     We’ve chosen not to use our real names, so you’ll be hearing from sentientsage(mom) and jubilantsage(dad), and we’ll refer to our daughter as illuminatingsage.

     What we not only preach, but truthfully practice:

     ‘Pure Parenting’, which encompasses a lot of the list below and more. 
     Attachment Parenting: breastfeeding on demand and baby-led-weaning, collaborative care and constant carrying (to the extent that she wants) but not being child-centered OR the Continuum Concept, co-sleeping, elimination communication, natural pregnacy & home-water and lotus birth among others


     Life Learning or Radical Unschooling and Working from Home

     Respecting Mother Earth and Simple Living

     Organic Everything

     Flexetarianism- to start with

     Co-Operation and Collaboration and not Competition


     5 Elements and Yin Yang Theories

     Awareness and Intuitive Living 

     Read our Beautiful Books post to see what we’re into and the  Loving Links page is nearly full too.

     In Light, 

     In Love,

     In Gratitude,

          Truthfully Here

                         The Sages 



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